Sunday, March 4, 2012


My hubby told me that he needs to buy a new pair of shoes. The pair he has right now is worn out and needs to be replaced. We are planning a long week vacation this Spring. One thing we need to have is good some red wing boots for all of us. I went to the store yesterday to look for a sale, but I just can’t find what I like. I went surfing this afternoon and luckily I found this cool place.

They have a wide selection of men’s clothing and many other accessories to choose from. They only carry the top brands such as carhartt, which my hubby has been using lately. He likes it because of the quality and they comfortable they are to wear. I’m so glad I found this place and I can’t wait to go shopping before our trip.


We got a couple of them on the wine rack and I was thinking of giving one to my friend down the road. She will be surprised for sure. Right now, Rachel is having fun playing with her new toys. We got her a new teddy bear and she just loves it.

Oscar Party

Thanks for the post from Lynn Guy
I love having parties. I will find any reason I can to have friends over to hang out. For example, last weekend I hosted an Oscar viewing party. I invited all my friends to wear their best attire (black tie optional) and join me for a little red carpet fun while we watched the ceremony on my Direct tv. Talk about a blast! I made sample ballots for everyone to pick their winners. The person with the most correct picks took home a hollow chocolate Oscar statue I found at the local party store. We also had ballots for best and worst dressed where everyone could vote for the party guests they thought were dressed the most and least stylishly. Winners were announced at the end of the party and each of them got a “swag bag” I had put together with silly trinkets and samples. Everyone had a wonderful time and the ladies especially loved having an opportunity to wear their formal dresses a second time. Everyone has those bridesmaids dresses that only get worn once because, let’s face it, who goes anywhere they need formal attire anymore?


I was so glad too because I don’t feel like cooking. I don’t know what to prepare because when I checked the fridge, I saw a couple of leftovers we can eat tonight. But my hubby decided to make some homemade lasagna. He said it will be a good dinner plus the champagne he just bought last night we will have too.


I found these articles riding horses in China and I found it very interesting. I always wanted to go there and that is why reading articles about this really interests me. I didn’t know that my hubby likes riding horses when he was a little kid. They lived in the country and most of their neighbors owned a ranch. He wants to teach our daughter how to ride a horse and is really excited about it.

 I browsed for some riding articles so I can get some information to share with my hubby. There’s an english vs. wesern riding that I didn’t know about. I will definitely show this to my hubby so he can read all of this stuff. As a rider, you need to have a good saddle and I found out these amerigo saddles that are the best. There’s a place I found that has very competitive prices for amerigo saddles that are very popular.


My hubby bought a couple of bottles of champagne. I asked him why, but he didn’t say anything other than he just feel like buying them. I guess we will drink it tonight with our dinner. He also offered to make dinner so I just felt like a queen tonight.