Thursday, January 31, 2013

Prepare For The Super Bowl With a 20% Off Code

Even with all the insider’s scoops from various sports clubs and critics, it’s unclear whether this year’s most anticipated game will be a blowout or a nail biter that rides solely on a field goal kick; however, you can expect the commercials to be wackier than ever. To make sure that you don’t miss any pixel of class or crass action, get all your visual gadgets ready for some non-stop viewing pleasure. If you still have that 10-ton television set in the family room, you might want to consider putting it away for retirement. With Super Bowl XLVII just a few weeks away, it’s not too late to replace that hunk of junk with something affordable via websites like eBay or With free shipping and the exclusive coupon codes that these sites offer, you can watch your favorite celebrity’s halftime show performance in high-definition from the comfort of your couch and still have enough cash leftover for beer and hors d'oeuvres. No matter what you’re in the market for, the deals offered to online shoppers are far better than any scam a scalper can pitch.  Below are some advantages of shopping through the Internet:

1.  Variety. Online shoppers can browse through large inventories of electronics from home instead of having to drive to different stores, saving them gas and precious time. For instance, sites operated by Provide Commerce have a variety of electronics to choose from that are certain to satisfy your Super Bowl needs. Whether you live in San Diego, CA or Seattle, WA, you can shop from online vendors located all around the globe. You can choose among a large array of styles, colors, and brand names – televisions sets, laptop computers, cellular phones, tablets, and much more.
2.   Discounts. Prices tend to be lower online than in-store. Sites like offer price protection on items and guarantee the best prices possible. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of coupons available to online shoppers. You can easily save an additional 20% or get $15 off using coupon codes on electronics that are already being offered at a great price.
3.  Cash Back.  Online shoppers can enjoy the luxury of receiving cash back on their purchased items. Most websites offer mail-in and free shipping rebates on eligible online purchases. Some even set you up with a rewards system where you can earn while you shop, giving you more incentives to make purchases through the Internet.
4.   Customer Testimonials. If you are still worried about shopping online because you are afraid that fraudulent deals still exist, fear no more – a lot of vendor websites now display customer reviews and free shipping ratings on their product pages. Since this is already a common practice nowadays, rest assured you won’t encounter any Internet scams when buying from clubs or retailers online.
5.   Quality. Shopping for electronics is like eating at a restaurant – you don’t want to go to a hole in the wall kitchen. You want to dine at a place with 5-stars and the best ratings. Shopping online for gadgets gets you high quality products at the lowest possible cost.

Finding the right HDTV, tablet, or smartphone for the Super Bowl XLVll is a sacred task.  Don't be the loser who simply settled for what the store salesman pitched him.  Be a winner like your favorite athletes and create your own offensive game plan through websites that offer free shipping.  Using the Internet, you can kill two birds with one stone.  Finding the sweetest HDTV while still saving up a lot of cash has never been so easy.  Surely your football-crazed friends and your wallet will thank you later.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Its an all natural Skin Care Giveaway

Its an all natural Skin Care Giveaway
Hosted by Oh! My Heartsie
Free Blogger Opportunity
Prize is 1 Tube of Monkey and 1 Bottle of Toe Juice
Event Dates: 2-6 to 2-13

Lapgear Platinum Series 500 Lapdesk Giveaway

One Lucky Winner Will Win a 
"Lapgear Platinum Series 500 Lapdesk"
Value $27.99-Ships Direct
Hosted By Oh! My Heartsie
Starts 1/30 to 2/13 
This Giveaway is Open To US and Canada Residents!!

I have never had a lap desk or lap tray to work on so this was going to be fun to try the LapGear out, since I change from a desk to a chair or the couch to work I needed something sturdy to work on. I found that it works perfectly.

My Review
The LapGear I received for my review comes from the Designer and Custom category and is in the Platinum Series  it is 17.3 Inches and is very lightweight, I choose a purple one and it is great. It fits in my lap perfectly, is curved which fits snugly against my lap as you can see in the photo and holds my laptop in place as there is a bar that keeps my computer from moving.  As you can see the in the picture the Lapdesks comes in some great colors.
My LapGear is made of durable fabric on the bottom with a thick padding of soft foam, on the top it has a smooth surface for writing and drawing. It also has a carrying handle for transport. There are many models to choose from, including jumbo student desks,


The  LapGear™ "Platinum Series" 500 Lapdesk™ delivers solid performance with heat dispersion, which protects your lap and keeps it cooler to work. The Lapdesk is great for work, school and students dorms, kids for playing games or even for eating while watching TV and would make a great gift for anyone that needs a solid surface to work while being comfortable. Cost is $27.99

Surface MaterialPVC/MDF
Lap Pad(s) MaterialAir-mesh
Lap Pad(s) FillingSoft-foam
Product UPC052162485027
Product HTS Code4421.90.9740
Patent NumberPatents Pending
Product Number48502-EA

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Diets for digestive problems in dogs

My poor pooch Ria has always suffered from digestive upset which the vets believe is due to just a very sensitive stomach and digestive tract. Therefore unfortunately there is no treatment or cure and the only measure I can take to help avoid the problem is by feeding her a diet suited for digestive sensitivity. 
I feed Ria the Royal Canin maxi sensible diet which has been specially formulated to reinforce digestive tolerance due largely to the high quality protein sources used and the added prebiotics which promote the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract. This food appears highly palatable as Ria always eats her dinner and it has helped to manage her symptoms greatly. I recommend this diet to all owners whose dogs suffer from digestive problems as since I have been feeding my dog this diet she has had no problems with diarrhoea or wind. 

This diet is designed for all breeds of dogs and is available for all sizes of dog including small breeds (Royal Canin mini sensible) as well as giant breeds (Royal Canin giant sensible). 
Common symptoms of digestive upset include:
  • Diarrhoea (it is vitally important that you ensure your dog is still drinking as diarrhoea severely dehydrates)
  • Constipation
  • Pain when going to the toilet
  • Excessive wind
  • Bloated stomach
  • Excessive hair loss and scratching
  • Rashes

If any of the mentioned symptoms are shown for three successive days then you should speak to your vet. 
However if any of the following are seen then veterinary advice should be sought immediately:
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting (present for more than one day)
  • Blood in the vomit and/or faeces
  • Mucous in the faeces

If you suspect that your dog is suffering from digestive sensitivity then it is important that you seek veterinary advice as the symptoms shown could be the signs of another underlying problem, and medication may be necessary to help treat the problem. 
As always the recommended feeding guideline should be followed to ensure your dog is receiving the nutrition required and fresh water should be available at all times.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lapgear Giveaway

One Lucky Winner Will Win a 
"Lapgear Platinum Series 500 Lapdesk"
Value $27.99
Hosted By Oh! My Heartsie
Starts 1/30 to 2/13
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