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My First Couple Months

I went for a walk this afternoon with our daughter and stay in the park for a couple of minutes and watch the kids playing. She was having fun watching them and to my surprised she was waving to them. It was really funny how she waved her hands and the kids responded to her too.

We just had our lunch. We both had macaroni and chessee. I’m so glad that she’s eating good with her meal because lately she’s been so picky. But anyway, I might go out and stroll at the mall this afternoon.

I will take Rachel for a walk later this afternoon. I know she will enjoy it because she loves going out and looking around. Maybe we can stop at the park and let her play there for a couple of minutes.

I went to one of the store that is close to where I live. There having a very good sale. I got new stuff for our daughter and it was really cheap. Our daughter is getting tired, I will try to put her down to nap.

I don’t know what I will have for lunch today. I guess I will just have turkey sandwich and potato chips, its quick and easy. Maybe I can bake some chicken salad for hubby in his dinner tonight. I can put a lot of grilled chicken on his salad and hoping he will like it.

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