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The Food to Eat During Pregnancy

There are so many suggestions regarding what foods to avoid during pregnancy; it’s no surprise that women feel confused. Worse is the fact that once you are visibly pregnant, everyone feels justified in giving you advice, whether you want it or not.

No Doctors here – Just Common Sense

There is a general list of recommendations for all pregnant women, and you can find it online in any of a dozen places with ease. Here are the basics you need to avoid:

-Raw Fish, Meat, and Eggs – All of these can carry bacteria or parasites that may cause a variety of problems; either for the baby or the pregnancy. In fact, any raw food, including product, should be washed thoroughly to reduce the chances of contamination. In its place, you can take a multivitamin-mineral complex called Prodovite. You can see reviews on Prodovite on the main website.

-No Alcohol – There is no way to know just how much alcohol will affect your baby negatively, and it is well established that no woman should drink while pregnant.

-Raw Dairy – Milk that has not been pasteurized, while healthier and containing digestive enzymes that commercial milk lacks, may also contain listeria. When you aren’t pregnant, there is no problem with this. When you are, it can lead to miscarriage. This prohibition extends to raw milk cheeses too. Raw dairy products are some of the most important foods to avoid during pregnancy.

-Fish high in Mercury – Fish is a mixed bag. On the one hand, eating a diet rich in fish while pregnant may increase your child’s intelligence. On the other hand, mercury, a toxic metal, accumulates in fish, and then in you when you eat it. Elevated mercury levels are associated with brain damage.

It seems, at least in current studies, that the benefits of fish offer protection against the mercury found in them. That said, you should avoid fish known to contain unsafe levels of mercury, such as shark, swordfish and king mackerel. Minimize fish you select from the caution group and stick to the safe group as much as possible.

Are Spicy Foods Foods something to Avoid During Pregnancy?

People will offer all sorts of horror stories under the impression that they are doing you a favor. There is something about pregnancy that seems to inspire battle stories – you will run into women who will swear they were delivered by backhoe after two weeks of labor–take it with a grain of salt. Spicy dishes aren’t foods to avoid during pregnancy–unless they give you trouble with heartburn!

So What Should I Eat?

Aside from the basic guidelines of good, nutritional eating, there are some nutrients that expectant mothers need in abundance. Folate, calcium, and iron are your top three concerns. Fortunately, you can get all three in one place; dark leafy greens. To increase absorption of these nutrients, eat food rich in vitamin C along with your greens.

Of course, there are other sources for all three of these essentials, and you need plenty of good lean protein to build cells, complex carbs to give you and the baby energy and more. Remember, healthy and varied is the key.